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Cancer is a severe disease which not only adversely impacts the physical well-being of a person but also their emotional makeup. NoorMediCare has an in-depth understanding of the traumatic experiences a cancer patient goes through, and therefore deploy some of the most efficient diagnostic and treatment alternatives. So, once you arrive its representative will be with your medical journey from the very beginning till you return to your home country. Its representatives will ensure that your journey is smooth. Since its representatives are well aware of the medical system, treatment process etc, you need not worry about your communication with the doctors or medical specialists.

Treatment Alternatives

In case of both adults as well as children, depending on the need of the patient as well as the extent of the malignancy, NoorMediCare resorts to one or more of the following courses–

  • Systemic and Regional Chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Hormonal Therapy
  • Immunotherapy

NoorMediCare experienced oncologists and hematologists are committed to the cause of treating solid tumors as well as hematological malignancies. In addition to individualized courses of treatment, It also offers a trained team of surgeons, radiologists, behavioral scientists, nutritionists, palliative care professionals and physiotherapists who help make the journey towards remission as smooth-sailing as possible. Moreover, for each and every one of our cancer-patients, It has the following in place –

  • A Multi-disciplinary Tumour Board
  • A Pain Management Team

Regardless of the type of cancer, you might be suffering from, NoorMediCare’s doctors will take it upon themselves to cure you, and to uproot the ailment for good. In addition, Its exemplary patient care services will prove to be instrumental in helping you recover from this otherwise petrifying disease.

Cancer treatments don’t always have to be a cumbersome experience. With us, you can rely on getting treated in a hassle-free manner, at an affordable cost! So, wait no more, before you pave your way to one of India’s leading oncology centre.

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